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Letha's Story

Letha Fisher has always considered herself a fighter. That certainly proved true nine years ago when she learned at age 45 she had stage III uterine cancer. Determined to beat the disease and live life to its fullest, Letha waged a fierce, successful battle. Her yearlong treatment included chemotherapy and radiation, as well as a total hysterectomy.

A few years later and cancer-free, Letha moved from Kansas City to Grove, Oklahoma, with her husband, Chuck, and purchased a local antique shop. It seemed fitting that they lived on Grand Lake—Letha had never felt better. But life threw her a curve ball Christmas Day 2012 when she discovered a lump in her breast. Soon after, a breast cancer diagnosis confirmed her fears. And though Letha never expected to face cancer twice, she prepared herself, once again, for the fight of her life.

Letha's treatment at Freeman Cancer Institute began in February. "My treatment experience the second time around is so completely different. Dr. Miller and the rest of the team have empowered me with knowledge and resources I didn't have before. As a cancer patient, I feel it's my responsibility to have a positive attitude and the will to fight. But, Freeman Cancer Institute has provided the tools and technology I need to beat this," remarked Letha. "I know I'm not facing my battle alone—I have a team fighting with me, cheering me on each step of the way!”

Letha and Chuck find great comfort in knowing they don't have to travel away from home to receive her cancer care." We feel fortunate to have a facility of this caliber in our community. I can focus on getting well without worrying about the added time and expense it takes to travel," said Letha. ''I'm so grateful to the donors who made my care possible.”

Those very donors help patients just like Letha receive the lifesaving treatment they so desperately need. Freeman Cancer Institute depends on charitable contributions to enhance patient care, provide education and resources, and ease the financial and emotional burden for patients. Freeman Cancer Institute depends on you.

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