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Roy's Story

Roy Huntington prides himself on staying physically fit. He adheres to a healthy diet, exercises regularly and has never smoked. His infectious positive attitude, he feels, has played an important role in maintaining his good health. Until recently, Roy never needed hospitalization. That changed in the early morning hours of November 6, 2012, when he awoke suddenly at 4:30 am with what felt like severe heartburn. His wife, Suzi, noticed he looked pale. At age 58 and the picture of health, Roy suspected he was having a heart attack. 

Within minutes of his arrival at Dr. Robert and Dorothy Willcoxon Emergency/Trauma Center at Freeman Hospital West, doctors confirmed Roy’s suspicion. Freeman Cardiologist Dr. John Cox determined that Roy’s right coronary artery was completely occluded, and the left artery functioned at only 20 percent capacity. Dr. Cox performed emergency surgery, putting two stents in place to open the blockages. Remarkably, by 6:30 am, Roy was feeling like new and enjoying breakfast in his hospital room. 

“I can’t say enough about my experience at Freeman. Less than 30 minutes passed from the time I arrived in the emergency room until my surgery began. I am here today only because of the skill and quick action of those who cared for me,” commented Roy.