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Fracture Treatment

The adult human body is made up of 206 bones which are all susceptible to fractures. Freeman orthopaedic physicians are uniquely qualified to assess any type of fracture, perform a diagnosis and provide the best treatment available. Some treatments may include splints, casts, or slings, while others will require corrective orthopaedic surgery. There are times when even a routine fracture will be delayed in healing or will heal in a way that does not allow for the maximal return of function. When that occurs, Freeman orthopaedic physicians intervene to ensure the patient’s injuries heal correctly.

For 2017, Carechex® ranked Freeman’s hip fracture repair among the Top 100 in the nation, Top 10 percent in the nation, Top 10 percent in the region, #1 in the state, Top 10 percent in the state and #1 in the market for patient safety. CareChex, one of the nation’s largest privately-held healthcare quality-rating systems, help patients evaluate the quality of inpatient care using a patent-pending quality scoring system, which integrates the most reliable quality indicators available in the industry into a single, multi-dimensional, composite score and rating.