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School Health Clinics

Together Keeping our Schools Healthy

Freeman Health System has partnered with local schools to keep students healthy. School health clinics provide an optimal setting to foster learning readiness and academic achievement while helping to meet the healthcare needs of students. Students and staff have telehealth and priority scheduling available, and immediate access to a nurse practitioner or physician. Prompt treatment will allow students and staff to return to the classroom as quickly as possible.


Area School Health Clinic

Freeman collaborates with local schools to provide healthcare to students, faculty and staff in an easily accessible venue. School health clinics strive to improve the physical and mental health of students, increase access to healthcare and decrease time lost from school by partnering to provide health service. With parental consent, school nurses work with Freeman healthcare professionals to determine if further evaluation or treatment is needed.


How to Use the Program

  • Review frequently asked questions.
  • Authorize the school to release your student’s medical information to Freeman for future use on your school’s student health inventory form.
  • Sign consent to treatment form and return to school nurse to have on file for future use.
  • Review pathways for care to see which pathway fits your child’s needs.

These forms are available for download by selecting the respective school district below.


Program Benefits

Many parents face challenges when trying to balance work-life responsibilities. This is especially difficult when a student experiences an illness or injury at school while parents are at work. This program provides timely, convenient care to students. Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Priority scheduling – If student needs further evaluation or treatment, they have immediate access to a Freeman healthcare provider.
  • Transportation to and from school – If parent/guardian is unable to take student to appointment due to work or lack of transportation, the school district can provide transportation.
  • Fewer missed days – By providing immediate healthcare access, student may miss fewer school days.
  • Freeman accepts all insurance types – If no insurance is available, students will still receive care, and parents and financial counselors can identify payment options.
  • Confidentiality – Because Freeman is an HFAP-accredited health system, all medical records will be confidential per HIPAA guidelines.
  • Availability – School health clinic is available during the school year – Monday through Friday during school hours. 



Submit Student Health Inventory and Consent Forms

Click the links below to complete the Student Health Inventory and Consent for Treatment forms. Upon completion, forms are to be returned to the school nurse. If consent is given for potential treatment with Freeman, the school nurse will forward the necessary information.


School Partnerships 

Carl Junction R-1 School District

McDonald County R-1 School District (Spanish)

Neosho R-5 School District (Spanish)

Seneca R-7 School District